Low-tonnage production of liquid diesel Euro-5 fuel from wood and peat.​

     Research works with low-tonnage technology of receiving liquid diesel fuel of the Euro-5 level from unbusinesslike wood, wood waste and peat are complete. The modular design of processing equipment with a single productivity of 120 kg/h (1 thousand tons/year) of diesel fuel is supposed.


     The main technological repartitions of raw materials consist in its gasification, receiving synthesis gas and Fischer-Tropsh's synthesis. Operability of the catalyst is confirmed in the conditions of the factory equipment for Fischer-Tropsh's synthesis.


     The business plan of the project with production and sales of 16 installations in a year is developed. Gross profit on production and sale of one installation – 20 million rubles. The money demanded for implementation of the business plan makes 82 million rubles. A payback period of initial expenses – three years.