Power effective and ecologically safe agricultural production.

      In the territory of Voznesensky of the region of the Nizhny Novgorod Region in a format of the estate installation of a number of the innovative technologies allowing a message ecologically safe, power effective and profitable economy including - production of food in volumes of requirements of a family (three at the same time living generations) is supposed.


     The financial basis of the project at a stage of its start will be made by profit on conducting rather small productions:

  • assembly production of low-tonnage installations for receiving motor fuels from liquid or firm carboniferous raw materials (wood and agricultural waste, the fulfilled oil, peat); the planned power of production and sales – 16 installations a year;

  • solid oven fuel for automatic systems of heating – charcoal pellt, having higher calorific ability in comparison with traditional (wood) pelleta; the planned power of production and sales – 4 thousand tons pellt in a year.

     Use of low-tonnage technologies of synthesis of Fischer-Tropsh, supercritical water oxidation and steam explosion of ligninsoderzhashchy raw materials will become a technological basis of the project, pressing pellt.


     Unbusinesslike wood of sanitary cleanings of the wood will become the only energy carrier of the created agricultural production involved from outside. From outside also drinking water for inhabitants of the estate will be consumed. The technical water consumed in life and in technologies – recycling water. Electric and thermal energy will be developed from renewables, including – from liquid and solid organic waste (household and production). The designated higher than parameters of the planned agricultural production allow to consider it power effective and ecologically safe.


     This project is the basic in activity of the enterprise. Other projects designated in this section of the site are subordinated to implementation of the main project.