Use of waste of a face of cattle

     On the basis of the consumed energy resources and an assessment the organosoderzhashchikh (household and production) waste of the boyensky enterprise the Technical offer on use of waste is prepared.


     Waste is considered as energy carriers. Processing of waste allows to receive generating gas, passing a traditional and energy-intensive stage of drainage of waste. A product of processing is also the technical water directed to recycling of the main production. Using gas as motor fuel, it is offered to receive electric and thermal energy. The offered processing the boyenskikh of waste will allow to pass to autonomous power supply of the enterprise. It is offered to make autonomous power supply the basic, and the centralized power supply – reserve.


     As a result decrease in production expenses and increase of reliability of power supply of the enterprise is expected.

     The price of a set of the equipment using 35 cubic m/days the boyenskikh of waste for receiving 60 kW of the electric power, 60 … 100 kW of heat and 30 t/days of technical water makes 45 million rubles (as of October, 2013).