Pellets with the increased calorific ability.

     As an alternative the developing world manufacturing techniques the torrefikatsionnykh pellt simpler (cheaper) manufacturing techniques are offered pellt from unbusinesslike wood and elimination of charcoal. In comparison with torrefikatsionny pelleta the offered pelleta don't possess water repellency, but have the same calorific ability (23 MJ/kg).


     The research works which showed opportunity and technological features of production of the declared are performed pellt. Thus the pelletayzer of "Gran 10E" who is available on retail with a productivity on pelleta of 100 kg/h was used. The furnace charge bulk transition explanation to continuous material is offered pellt. Comparative calorific ability of some types of fuel is measured: and declared pellt the traditional, charcoal.


     The feasibility study on starting production of the declared is executed pellt 4 thousand tons/year (600 kg/h). The main objective of such production – working off of production schedules; the size of net profit of starting production – 1 thousand rubles/t.